A weekend deep yoga dive into
with Adrian Cox & Jory Serota

Open into a healing, strengthening and empowering weekend of breath and yoga practices taught by master teachers Adrian Cox and Jory Serota. You will learn to work with alignment-flow yoga and breathwork practices as a way to create solid foundations for an expanded breath and liberated energy.

Saturday, 20 January 2024

AM : Uddiyana Bandha, the secret cure for back pain. — with Jory Serota

PM : Breath Yoga Flow I — with Adrian Cox

Sunday, 21 January 2024

AM : BreathYoga Flow II — with Adrian Cox

PM : Resonance Awakening — with Adrian Cox

Uddiyana Bandha, the secret cure for back pain. — Uddiyana Bandha is one of the 3 ancient “locks” in the yoga system and has traditionally been used to awaken the kundalini and raise it to the higher levels of consciousness. Uddiyana has significant beneficial effects on the physical plane, as well. It helps circulate waste through the organs, positively affecting digestion. It also gives us access to the anterior portion of the spine, a region not easily granted entrance to. By sensitizing ourselves to this area, we are able to detect unwanted vertebral rotations and neurally restricted tissues in a way no other technique can. This class will be beneficial for anyone with back pain, abdominal discomfort or an interest in learning about one of the more advanced practices in the yoga lineage.

BreathYoga Flow I/II — Slow-Flow, breath-focused alignment-based yoga sequenced to support the fullest freedom in breath and energy. A 3-hour experience which weaves in breathwork with yoga posture to support a heart-opening experience of Conscious-Connected Breathwork.

Resonance Awakening — Awaken into resonance through the breath. 3-hour meditative and healing exploration of how to support your deep health and well-being. Learn a unique practice which integrates body-to-mind healing using Resonance Breathing and mind-to-body healing using guided journaling. You will make progress in mastering your breath and mind in this workshop and have new tools to help you shape your future

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About Adrian Cox:

Adrian is the founder of BreathYoga and Yoga Elements, with over 25 years of experience coaching and training yoga, breathing, meditation, and mindset coaching.  He is a certified breathwork trainer, E-RYT 500 yoga trainer, and a trainer and coach of hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The BreathYoga method integrates breathwork into alignment-based flow sequences, liberating breath and energy flow. Learn more:

About Jory Serota:

Jory is the founder of Applied Yoga, a mobility system that uses yoga poses and remedial exercises for the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal pain. He is a yoga therapist, licensed massage therapist, NeuroKinetic Therapy Instructor, and has trained thousands of yoga teachers and bodyworkers internationally. He conducts various workshops, seminars, online courses, and retreats each year, and is also featured in various outlets such as Elephant journal. He currently splits time between Thailand and Woodstock, NY.
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