Chantip (Noi) Sakdamnoen

Yoga Instructor

Kru Noi started practicing yoga because of weaker health conditions, overweight and some movement problems especially when running across the streets or walking up cross-over bridges. Sometimes, she felt exhausted easily even when sitting still when her weight reached 66 kg and it went out of control. Hence, she decided to take up yoga ever since and started to see some tangible benefits but this was done with constant patience. Some visible benefits are better health conditions, no easy exhaustion as before, faster movements, more refreshing attitude and most importantly, more concentration. Besides, she got healthier and grew thicker hair and had a brighter face with fewer pimples. The lingering Varicose vein as well as gastric and constipation problems were also gone. Another by-product is the weight loss with more toned muscles and this has happened without going through any diet program.
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Kru Noi wishes all to see the potential benefits of yoga (physically, mentally and psychologically) and firmly believes that people can have yoga as part of their lives; just that the importance of practicing yoga is patience and determination, then the enjoyment will come as a consequence. Besides, yoga will do you good in several aspects, of which some are not even expected.

Professional Experience:
● Present – Teaching Hatha yoga at YogaSutra studio
● 2009 – Joined “Asia Yoga Conference” in Hong Kong
● 2008 – International Certification in Yoga Instructor Training (200 Hours) from Fitness Innovations (Thailand) Limited
● 2008 – Neohumanist Yoga Instructor’s Training Certificate at Anotai Yoga Studio
● 2006-2007 –Yoga instructor course training with Ajarn Kris at Hatha-Raja Yoga Shrama (Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles)
● 2006 – Advanced yoga courses training by Kru Kaew at Lumipini Park (Ashtanga and Iyengar styles) and Kru Joseph (who was trained by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute, India)
● 2004 – Started teaching yoga at practitioners’ houses and corporate offices
● 2003 –Yoga training at Lumpini Park in Hatha and Sivanandha styles

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